Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji is one of the newest university in this country which has strategic value to the region where it takes place, i.e. Riau Archipelago Province. This university is located in the front line of this country, which deals directly with Malaysia and Singapore with geographical location adjacent to each other since Riau-Lingga Empire.

UMRAH founded since 2007 under the legal of National Education Minister Decree No. 124/D/O/2007 in Tanjungpinang, capital city of Riau Archipelago Province. In its growth, UMRAH has now been validated into the first public university of Riau Archipelago by Presidential Decree No. 53 in 2011, and it is aspiring to grow and continue to evolve in producing Smart, Madani, and Transformative graduates.

This becomes its unique selling point compared to other universities. However, being the leading university in the field of maritime is the biggest challenge for UMRAH in such great competition in this shoreline. Such competition can be passed by this Coastal University, of course, by having the great consistency of its academic community, and society and corporate supports to tread the long road towards World Class University.

The word ‘Universitas Maritim’ attached to this university symbolizes UMRAH has a great scientific responsibility to modernize this country’s marine. The name of ‘Raja Ali Haji’ which is also carried by UMRAH aims to perpetuate the cultural spirit of Raja Ali Haji who called as the Language Hero.

UMRAH on its journey, which is now entering the age of 6 years, constantly tries to make achievements in the field of research to continuously innovate to create technology and applied science and technology innovations which are useful to be applied in community services. A variety of partnership has been done with the leading universities within the country and abroad. The number of students who are currently studying are approximately 5,300 students. The total alumni are around 1,000 who graduated in 2010 up to 2013.