Tanjungpinang City

Tanjungpinang is the capital and second largest city of the Indonesian Kepulauan Riau Province after Batam. A city with roughly 200,000 residents, it is a trading port between islands in the Riau archipelago. Tanjungpinang is located on south of Bintan island and has direct ferry and speedboat connections to Batam, Singapore (40 km away), and Johor Bahru.


History of Tanjungpinang

Tanjungpinang was a political center 500 years ago, when the Portuguese won the battle of Malacca and the Sultan Mahmud of Malacca fled to Tanjungpinang to create a resistance against the Portuguese’s very hostile expansion.
Tanjungpinang has always played a leading role in Malay culture. A few hundred years ago, Tanjungpinang became a powerful trading port, attracting regional, Western, Indian and Chinese traders. Migrants including Chinese were also attracted, much in the same way how Malacca had developed into a regional power three centuries earlier.


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