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GolfGolf Ria Bintan

Ria Bintan Golf Club

Ria bintan golf club is an 36-hole championship golf course designeed by gary player. 18-hole ocean course and the first nine holes of an 18-hole forest course opened for play respectively in October 1998 and desember 2000. This golf club has been successfully entered into the official ranksthe top 100 golf courses published by golf digest magazine.

Bintan Lagoon Golf club

Loated in bintan resort, Bintan lagoon golf club is one of this leading golf course in the riau islands. Designed by jack Nicklaus, this golf course offers two course : jack Nicklaus seaview course nd ian baker finch woodlands course. In addition to full-facility, this golf course has a charming stretch of golf coutses, and most of its locations just facing the sea.


Laguna Bintan Golf Club

Laguna Bintan Golf Club is a golf club, designed by greg norman,  one of the world’s legendary golfers designed 18-hole, this golf course has a unique and challenging golf course. Consists of a very grass surface, covering a contoured sloping area, hilly up and pool that adjacent to the beach area. This golf club is very fittinf enjoyed by any golfer, whether professional or amateur.

Diving and Snorkling

The waters surrounding bintan is one of the clearst waters in Indonesia. A heaven for diving and snorkeling sports enthusiast. Almost of the waters has a diving and snorkeling spots that are amazing, a different way of coral reefs and pristine color. The water is very clear that makes the visibility just like no boundaries. So you can enjoy the enchantment under the sea and the habitat that grow and live in it with great flexibility. Some diving and snorkeling spots in bintan are often to be a destination for divers and snorkeler is in the surrounding waters of tambelan, nikoi island, island of tapai, mapur island, malang tenggiri and lagoi region.


Someone who like to fishing, almost all regions in the waters of bintan is the ideals place to vent your hobby. Every year, even, the bintan regency held a regular fishing festival. The recommended number of fishing sites are on the berakit water, the surrounding islands of trikora beach, island of pangkil number, etc. in bintan it self, fishing activities should not be done at sea,  but there are other ways more pleasant for fishing in the ponds called “floating kelong.” This activity can be done in a number of kelong that lie at some point in the waters of trikora.

Mountain Climbing

Gunung bintan is a one of the natural tourist destination spot in bintan that can be visited if you want travel to bintan. Stand about 340 meters high, this mountain is known to have at least 40 species of fauna ranging fromdeer, monkeys, sun birds to swallow. This is very exciting for hiking, along the way, you can also take a close look at the same time tasting varieties of fruit trees like duian, banana, pineapple, papaya, rambutan, duku to jackfruit.

Surfing and Kite Surfing

For those of you who like surfing and kite surfing, bintan offers a number of challenging beachs. But one of the most favorite is the beach located in the lagoi integrated tourism area. The waves in that water has a challenging characterized, which is much sought after by surfers. Besides lagoi, bintan agro beach resort also offers kite surfing tour.

ATV Wheel

For you who like an outdoor activities, riding ATV wheel, along the steep track, holes and winding roads, always offers a great sensation. If you travel to bintan, you can do that activities in a resort which is located in bintan resort or in the trikora area. Usually, riding ATV wheel package is accompanied by outbound tour packages such as flying fox or other outdoor activities.


For those of you who a great courage, then it would be fine if you courage, then it would be fine if you try this kind of sport. The sensation offered of parasailing is certainly exciting. Because, on top of the parachute, you will be drawn by using high-speed boat to make your fly floating in the air. In bintan, this kind of sport that race the adrenalin, can be tested in a number of resorts in the area of lagoi or also in resorts in surrounding of trikora.


Aroma River Spa  

Is located in the trikora beach, adjacent to the mutiara beach guesthouse. About 50 minutes from bintan resort ferry terminal of a few kilometers from bintan argo hotel and yasin’s nostalgia cabana. This spa brings the eco-spa genuine concept, which invites you to perform body treatments natural materials in wooden pavilions amid the outdoors. Its services provided include riau traditional body massage, south sea mineral salt body scrub, de-strees spa package river, etc. to try out the spa treatments, we recommend you to book in advance before, because, this spa is often fully booked, especially during weekends.

Oceanic Spa

Stay at bintan agro beach resort, do not forget to try out its spa do not forget to try out its spa facilities at oceanic spa. Oceanic spa offers an exclusive spa package where you stay. Common spa treatment packages offered and the king and queen spa package and the king and queen spa package. In terms of facilities, oceanic spa is quite completed, there are four luxury Jacuzzi with seven treatment rooms which all facing directly out to the sea.

Aroma Day Spa

Carrying the slogan “world-class spa with local price,” aroma day spa is a place that you can make an alternative to perform body treatments while in bintan. Located in kampong lagoi, about 15 minutes from bintan resort ferry terminal, this spa center has a spa service with the brand products lebeled “taman taman sari royal heritage.” These products offer spa treatments with traditional concepts of java used by the princess royal. All will be handling by a personnel skilled and experienced therapists.

Kedaton Tropical Spa  

Located in bintan resort, kedaton tropical spa is one of a series of well-known spa in bintan. In this spa, you can choose the spa packages offered raging from body polish, body mask, body to body glow bath and message. The package offered has a different prices, followed on the type of treatment chosen.but the lowest peckage price is S$49 while the highest is in the range of S$155. This spa treatments are considered to have a convenient location and area was more calm and natural.

Banyan Tree Spa

Banyan tree spa offers the entire body treatments, mental and spiritual. Therefore, this spa focuses on non-clinical approaches and more traditional healing therapies bassed on the style of the east. So, if you choose this spa center, you will feel the direct treatment using human touch and the use of herbs and natural spices. Located at the banyan tree hotel and resort, this spa is part of the banyan tree spa in phuket, Maldives and Bangkok, Thailand.


Angsana Spa Bintan

As well as resorts and hotels in the area lagoi, angsana hotel and resort also has a spa center. Named angsana spa, the spa has an artistic décor and convenient locations. If you do care here, you will be asked to choose two options. In the pavilion with the concept of open-air or in air-conditioned rooms which is comfortable and cool. Both, have maintained privacy so you can feel calm during treatment.

Giri Loka Spa

Pamper your body after a weary struggle with the daily routine activities? You can do it girl loka spa. In this spa center, you’ll be offered a variety of treatments ranging from body scrubs, bodymessage, body mask to be just a foot massage. The whole package has to offer, served by a team of qualified and experienced therapists. Adequate facilitiesare available as well as the atmosphere in the treatment room is very fresh and natural.

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