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Snacks, Souvenirs & Typical Gifts Of Bintan

A Typical Snacks

Kerang Bulu

A seaweed dodol

A seawed dodol is very known in bintan. This typical food is actually no different with a similar “dodol” foods commonly found else where in Indonesia. But, the typical “dodol” of bintan is domainated  by the basic ingredients of seaweed, that is way behind the word of “seaweed.” In bintan , one of the “seaweed dodol” manufacture is located in the surrounding villages of malang rapat, gunung kijang district. But to get these snacks, you do not need to visit there. Because many food and souvenirstores sell this kind of food. In tanjunguban for example, you can visit bogasari manna cake shop, in lagoi also avaible at several location such as in pasar or in souvenir shops in the area BBT fery terminal.

“Bulu” Shells 

Try not to miss this kind of food when you raveling to bintan, especially for seafood enthusiasts. Locals call it “bulu” shells. This kind of shell is no different with most shells in other places, it has medium size, approximately 2,5cm to 3cm in diameter. The different is only on it skin surface which is mostly come in black hairy colour. In bintan, this shells are very easy to find. Usually sold by food vendors in the surrounding beaches like sakera beach, kampong bugis beach or trikora beach. Th price per portion ranges from Rp.15.000,-. It’s a simple way to cook it, just boil a few minutes then later eat it along with a specially sauce.


Ranga is a kind of big shell that live in the waters of bintan and surrounding areas. Its has a unique shape, resembling a regular shells but has a big diameter but not as big as “kima” shells. Typically, ranga cooked in two ways ie, boiled and baked. Simple but delicious taste. The price was cheap. Per piece is sold at Rp.3.000,-. Then where can you gain this kind of seafood? Everywhere, especially in coastal resorts such as sakera beach, bugis village or along the beach of trikora. But, ranga was not always be had at anytime, because its existence to follow in certain seasons.

 A Cuttlefish Otak-Otak

This typical food is very famous and much be looking for by tourists visiting the bintan. If in elsewhere  the “otak-otak” are generally made from fish, this typical bintan “otak-otak” is made base from cuttlefish. This “otak-otak” has a rough texture compare to the fish “ otak-otak.” If eaten, feels elastic on the tongue but certainly delicious and tasty. In a number of areas such as sakera, bugis village beach and in the surrounding trikora beach and teluk bakau, there are many specialty shops that sell these kindof food. Pricess very, they are selling at a price of Rp.500,- some of them also sell at Rp.1000,- per piece.

A Catfish Abon

In bintan, this abon shaped snacks made from catfish is still not popular yet, but since 2011 has successfully won the achievement of national pride as a champion of SMEs foodaward from the ministry of tade and the ministry of industry of the republic of Indonesia. In bintan, “abon lele” which was awarded the national level is a catfish abon with the branded of “abonle” produced by ms.jumirah, from kijang. This catfish abon is still produced limited but can be obtained in the shops for souvenirs that scattered in a number of points in bintan and tanjungpinang.

The Bilis Roll Cake

Is actually a snack made from a small fish. A small fish is a sea fish which has a gray green colour like a “jengki” fish, crispy and savory taste. A bilis rolls cake are also popular with “angko” bilis or”berselimut” bilis. In bintan, this cake is still fairly made by a traditional or home based business. The cake making begins with a roll of skin which consists of the dough mixture of flour, wheat flour, eggs, and other spices. Then the bilis is rolled with a thin dough and fried until crisp dry.

Ubi Tapai

The fermented cassava may be found everywhere in Indonesia. But the fermented cassava “made in” bintan is classified as having a distinctive packaging. The tapai is wrapped in leaves of forest trees strung with palm leaves. It was sweet and the texture is smooth. One pack is usually sold Rp.3000,- consisting of five to six pieces of tapai. In bintan, tapai is only sold in the kijang, along the wisata bahari road.

The Keladi Roll Cake

One more typical bintan food that you can take home as a souvenir is a toro cake roll. This taro rolls cake which is made by bogasari manna is always selling well because of the uniqueness of its taste. The cake that has two colors: yellow and purple is composed of two flavors: original and special. The original, has a chocolate topping on it and lebled Rp.50.000,- per pan while a special, priced at Rp.60.000,-.

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