Jan 28


There are many accommodations in this city. Just choose, star hotels or just stay at the budget accommodation. All depends on you. But definitely, you will be comfortable staying there. So, your places is guaranteed safe and enjoyable. So, have fun!

Star Hotels & Budget accomudation

Currently, tanjungpinang has nine star hotels spread over in various area. The accomudation offered was varied. But generally, beside providing room, almost entirely equipped with various vacilities such as restaurants, cafes, entertainment facilities to meeting rooms. The price of each room is different depending on the management policy.

For the budget travel, you do not have to be worry miss out the rooms. There are many budget accommodation in the city. The mumber of them are not less than 30 units. The price offered was relatively cheap and the facilities available is standard: a badroom, bathroom and television.

The good news, on average, all the budget accommodation in here were quite clean and safe. Most located in the area of city,situated in a strategic position, adjacent to the shopping, entertainment, terminal ferry and other interesting places.


Meeting, Incentives, Convention and exhibitions (MICE)

A numberĀ  of star hotels in tanjungpinang equipped with large meeting rooms which can be a place to hold meetings, seminars and exhibitions at national level. MICE events, whatever its from, is relatively easy to held in here. That why no wonder is every year, this city is often being appointed as a host to handle various events such as exhibitions, expo, fair,etc.


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