Jan 28


Senggarang Chinatown (Senggarang)

tay ti kong

This area is a region of Buddhist religious. In this area there are several temples that magical. Assessed according to Buddhist belief. The temple that was there among them is the Su Te Kong temple, marko temple (god of the sea), and Tay Ti Kong temple (Temple of land God). From the city center, senggarang can be reached about a half hour drive.


Seaside (Tanjungpinang City)

Tugu Pensil

Seaside area that stretches from the port of Sri Bintan Pura until the Tugu Pencil is a popular tourist icon in Tanjungpinang. A number of historic buildings and culinary center lined up at this place, such as the ocean corner, gedung daerah, the king Haji Fisabilillah Monument, Malay Square, Anjung Cahaya until Tugu Pencil park. This place of interest was not only popular among local resident, but also admired by every visitor who come to this city.

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