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Zapin is a traditional dance, where the principle things in this art is strong Islamic nuance in the dance performing. This art describes the character of Malayan that are friendly and polite in daily life and strong individual in carried out the value of religion that becomes the faith of Malayan.

Gazal Art

This art is kind of full rhythm traditional Malayan that had been existing since along time a go. The unique of this art is, the music instrument are similar with India, such as table and harmonica and other instruments which are original almost all of the gazal singers have a high pitched voice that becomes performance. Beside that, improvisations are needed in singing the gazal songs.

Mark Yong Theater

Theater mak yong is musical theater that comes from siam or phatani, Thailand. It’s performed with music and dance. It also uses a certain attribute such as a mask, called mak yong. Until now, mak yong still exists especially Keke and Mantang island.

Bangsawan Theater

This theater is a kind of stage drama, performaed with music, songs and dance. Most of the story, tell us about the nobility of Malayan kings in the past, like story of Sultan Mahmud died in Julang.

 Joget Dang Kong

This art is more pleasant because besides performing sings and dance, visitors can dances all together with the dancers. In the performance, there are not too many music instruments played, just drum, violin, gong and the singers. Normally, the visitors who want join the dance, they must pay first. This art usually held to celebrate the wedding party especially in the night.

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