Jan 28


Daeng Marewah Tomb Complex Object Location: Hulu Riau

Daeng Marewah, also known as Kelana Jaya Putra, is the first of Riau-Lingga-Johor-Pahang viceroys. In Sultan Sulaiman governance there are power struggling was happened by Raja Kecil from Siak. Sultan Sulaiman was having recourse by Bugis to retake the power. Finally Sultan Sulaiman succesfull defeated Raja Kecil. The viceroys or the key position in Riau-Lingga-Johor-Pahang was given by Sultan Sulaiman to bugis as arecompensation. Nearby daeng marewah burial complex there are tun abbas tombs. Tun abbas is Bendahara Sri Maharaja Johor sultanate.

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