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Satisfy your shopping desire!

Fill your shopping needs ranging from fashion products and accessories, electronic devices to a various tanjungpinang souvenirs when visiting this city. With a lot of outlets, boutiques and shopping centres spread widely throughout the city, you are guaranteed to be satisfy to spill your shopping desire. So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit these shopping centers below:

Ramayana  Department store

Ramayana is one the favorite shopping centre in the city of tanjungpinang. The location is easily accessible because it is located near the riau islands governor’s office, precisely in the wiranto street. From sri bintan pura ferry terminal, Ramayana can be reached in less than ten minutes. In this shopping center you can purchase a variety of needs such as fashion products, cosmetics, CDs to sunglasses. Some boutiques are also found here, such as liza collection, which is specialized selling cosmetic products. For those who like reading, you can also hunting your favorites book in salemba bookstore.

Bestari Mall

Bestari Mall is located in teuku umar street, just a few  hundred meters from the sri bintan pura ferry terminal. This shopping center provides a wide range of goods and supplies such as shoes, clothes, accessories and products of other branded fashions. There are also electronic outlets (digital electronic), which specialized in selling various sound system and musical equipments. For those of you who want to buy ferry tickets to Singapore, her there are places penguin ferry ticket sales. Lotus bookstore is also located in this mall.

Bintan Indah Mall

Visit Bintan Indah Mall to satisfy your shopping hobby. Here, you can shop a variety of finished products such as handbags, shoes, clothes to baby products (world of babies) etc. being situated on the pos street, bintan indah mall is very easy to find, because it was close to sri bintan pura ferry terminal. You also could buy tanjungpinang souvenir in the form of handicrafts here.

Tanjung pinang city market

Wide range of needs can be found in this largest shopping center. Having a large area, the market is divided into several regions. First, wet market, which sells a variety of basic needs, such as rice, vegetables and other goods. Second, fish market. In this market you can see the direct fishermen, traders and buyers. But definetly, if you want to buy fishes, it suggest for you to go early in the morning so you can get fresh fishes and the appropriate choice. Other locations, located right in the area below the hotel tanjungpinang. In this place there are many outlets that sell a wide range of garments, fabric pieces, curtain and even gold jewelry as offered by took emas Batanghari.while for those who want to buy souvenirs of tanjungpinang, can also shopping around this area. Bilis, dried cuttlesfish, and a various processed seafood, can also easily get with affordable price.

Tanjungpinang gift

As capital of city of the riau islands province, tanjungpinang offers so many souvenirs or handicrafts that you can take home for souvenirs. Ranging from leather handicrafts, shell, wood to rattan. Its form could be bags, shoes, slippers, wall hangings, magazine racks, mug, flower fit to knick-knacks beauty. If you want even more specials, you can also buy the original gonggong batik of tanjungpinang, manufactured by selaras boutique, situated at jalan basuki rahmat. Or just go to bintan pottery in batu 9 and you will find fine pottery products which has an international quality standart there. Afterwards, try to visit roemah pengantin offering a various wedding supplies and souvenirs, etc.

Fashion boutiques

Fashion boutiques scattered in many places in tanjungpinang. In the areas surrounding jalan merdeka, boutique mancu, moon, d’la vonex’s cans be visited to obain a huge selection of fashion products. In his area, you cans also shop a variety of gold jewelry in took emas batang hari. As for getting products of sunglasses, swing your legs into the surya.Optical and shop at your option in the area of bintancenter, please visit vel boutique 23 and get a variety of high quality fashion products. And do not forget to visit maya & Zahra, a fashion boutique famous with it gamis clothing, batik, tunic, shawl, bag etc.  then for those who wants to find clothes and baby gear, visit the baby doll, located in the area of tugu pahlawan street.

Electronic center

Actually, there is no large electronic center in tanjungpinang. However, if you want to buy electronic products, you do not need to worry because there are a number of points in the area of the city that could be considered a center for sales of electronic goods. For example, jalan Gambir. Along the way, there are quite a lot of electronic stores, including outlets selling mobile phones and accessories. The same location you can find in tambak street, which is located not far from jalan gambir. Electronic products also can find in Dwi Sukses Mulia located in the area of suka berenang. In this store you can chose a variety of computers, laptops, accessories and it supporting devices.

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