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Culinary Tourism


Spesific and Appetite!

Are you culinary lovers? if yes explore tanjungpinang , the city that has long been known as a culinary paradise , a place for the gathering of various foods, ranging from varieties of seafood dish, alocalmalay,Chinese and Indians foods to fast food. All are guaranteed delicious, distinctive taste and the appetite!visit following places to prove it:

Akau Potong Lembu

Akau potong lembu is culinary icon that you must visit during your stay in tanjungpinang. A various local menus of different cuisines ranging from seafood , Chinese food to a variety of typical malay dish is available here. Akau started visited just before night. But this place is actually already started their activities since at 16.00pm and usually closed at 00.00 pm. The location is easily found and from the the port Sri BintanPura can be reached within minutes. Since long ago, akau is widely known as a culinary centre not only by local but international cuisie lovers as well. Generally , they were impressed by it foods diversity, delicious taste and its unique and comfortable atmosphere.

Melayu Square

Melayu Square is located in the waterfront area which is only less than one kilometer from the port of Sri BintanPura. MelayuSquere is known as a Malay hawker centers selling a various kind of foods such as laksa ,the tarik , gonggong , fish soup ,spicy sour fish,grilled fish and other typical local snacks. Melayu Square is highly recommended to visit , especially for food lovers and everybody who likes the seaside atmosphere. It began to open after the evening and start to end to the activities around 12.00pm

Meja Tujuh

Located in the area of TuguPahlawan Street, MejaTujuh is one of the Tanjungpinang culinary icons. Began to open after the evening until midnight, MejaTujuh famous for the distinctive taste of its seafood cuisine. But if you do not like seafood, you do not to be worry because in this place, you can also try out a various kinds of Chinese and Malay cuisine. Generally, all the restaurants occupying at the shophouses along the right and left sides of the road, but some of them have an open-air concept, so that while eating your favorite meals, you can enjoy the night atmosphere of Tanjungpinang City.

Bintan 21 Food Court

Are you a seafood and Chinese food lover? If yes, please swing your steps to Bintan 21 Foodcourt. In this food court, which is located exactly behind the former movie theater Studio 21, you are not only offered a favorite dishes, but also can freely enjoy the music that was provided by the management. The operating hours of this hawker centre began in the afternoon and ended at midnight.

Ocean Corner

Ocean Corner is located just a few meters from Sri BintanPura Ferry Terminal. This culinary centre is highly recommended for all the food lovers, especially who like Malay food, seafood and the western food. From the afternoon until midnight, this place is pretty crowded. Not only because of the foods are delicious, but also because its strategic location, which is located exactly on the sea side. So while eating a favorite dish, you will get an extra bonus: the night view of the exotic Tanjungpinang sea side.

Sea Side

Do you want to enjoy the ocean breeze while eating a typical local dishes? Please visit TepiLaut. In this area, you’ll find dozen’s of stalls and food stalls in open space that ofter a various special foods, ranging from a fresh Sate Padang, a delicious Bakso Noodles until a tasty roasted corn. Start crawded since the afternoon, TepiLaut in creasingly lively when night falls. Especially on weekend and certain even, young and all poured along the seafront which is located just a few hundred yards from Ferry Terminal.

Merdeka Street

Please do not forget to visit JalanMerdeka when you are visiting this city. In this commercial areas which is mindly inhabited by Chinesee Ethnic, you’ll find a lot of coffee shops that open from early morning. The menu certainly not exclusively serverd coffee or tea, but also fariety of typical foods such as Mie Lendir, LontongSayur, Fried Noodles, Prata Bread, etc. Assorted fried foods are also easily found, including fish balls, shrimp and cuttle fish balls. Sharks fried flour is also available there. About the price, do not worry, it certainly cheap.

Seafood Heaven

It’s no exaggeration if Tanjungpinang refered to as a seafood paradise that’s because the seafood reataurant that serves typical seafood and fresh flavor, find easily in this city. Its location, could be in the usual place, a classy hotel to the seaside or kelong.

Here are some seafood restaurants we recommend for you seafood lovers. In the region of Seijang, you can go to Shangrila Kelong Seafood Resturant, Nelayan Seafood Restaurant and Pujasera Betty. In city area, try visiting Hong Ti Seafood Restaurant (Jalan Cambodia), Atek Fish Soup (Potong Lembu), Restaurants AtengSukaramai (Batu Lima) and several other seafood restaurants. Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy a seafood meal while enjoying the sea breeze, please kindly visit PondokMakanSarbana in KampungBulang or Reza Malay Seafood Restaurant Located in TelukKriting.

In various culinary center in this town, seafood is very easy to find. For example in AkauPotongLembu, MejaTujuh, Melayu Square, Ocean Corner, etc. But inthat places, the seller does not stand alone but together with other cuisine such as Chinese food or Malay dishes.

Fast food and indian Food

For those who like eating fast food including Western food, no need to worry about not getting them here. Almost all restaurant in hotels provide it, or if not, you can directly go to the cafes or fast food restaurant, such as AyamGoreng Burger 88 (Bintan Indah Mall) Pizza Hut (Ketapang Road) or KFC (Kacapuri). For indian food, please visit Pamedan or Merdeka Street. In this locations you are going to see KedaiPagi Sore, which has long been known as a known as a restaurant offering a various kind of indian foods.

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